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I have been downloading a lot of various, day to day needed data. Like Movies / Songs / Freewares etc. And many a times have seen that the files get a virus or becomes un-readable, and many the file its tough/and very slow to move them from one disk to other (Because its a huge number of files).

This could be cause by many scanning process in system (Anti Virus / Spyware Removers etc)

There could be many other reasons for them to get corrupted but usually its a virus or bad sector.

So finally I got a way i.e. to use the ISO/DAA or any other IMAGE writing, this is just incredible, I find the following advantages:

  1. With Zip it again takes it as a normal folder and looks into all the files which are zipped so no use of putting them there.
  2. Scanning of the Image file happens in whole not the files inside it.
  3. Virus can’t effect them as they are read only files.
  4. Very fast in moving / copying as it’s treated as a single file.
Comparing 4GB normal data move from one partition to another took about 5 minutes where that 4GB photos were put in ISO/DAA file took 2 Minutes (Self tested). It may differ on other system depending on RAM, Hard drive RPM, CPU speed etc etc.